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About Us

Healing Vibrations Wellness Centre uses integrative health therapies to address the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of wellness. We believe health is more than just nutrition, exercise, and medical intervention, and strive to bring you new and unique ways to support your health and wellness needs. 


Natural Therapies for Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Wellness.


Pain Management

You do not have to live with pain. Whether managing chronic pain or discomfort associated with old injuries or disease, or acute pain from procedures like the dentist or a tattoo, we help you change your brain to change the pain. 

Stress Reduction

We can help with phobias, generalized anxiety disorders, and Chronic Stress Syndrome. If you are experiencing fear, worry, fatigue, overwhelm, or burnout, it is time for a change.

Energy Alignment

Every body has an energy field and all cells within the body vibrate at a different frequency. If you are experiencing pain, emotional disturbances, spiritual disconnect, or mental function impairment, it often means something is out of alignment, so we can help get things back in tune again.

Closing June 29

We offer both stand-alone services and programs/packages, but we are not your typical wellness-service provider. Our services are unique, and it is likely this will be the first time you are hearing about a couple of them. Do not let that deter you! While the number of Vibroacoustic Therapy providers is small (we are one of only a handful in Canada), the concept is based on principles of sound-healing that have been used safely and effectively for centuries in cultures all over the world. Note: Last vibroacoustic appointment is June 29. Due to Covid we are forced to close our office and will be moving to Zoom services only. And while combining hypnosis and meditation into Hypno Meditation may not be the norm, the benefits of hypnosis and meditation are both backed by sound scientific evidence, and by combining them we are able to create a gentle, relaxing process that allows people, especially beginners, to habituate themselves to advanced mind-body wellness modalities. And yes, we know if might seem strange using a lollipop or chocolate bar for meditation, but Sensory Meditation is a thing we do too! 


Another service offered is Cannabis Consulting. Many people are interested in using cannabis to manage their pain, stress, or sleep issues but are afraid or overwhelmed and do not know where to start. Our Cannabis 101 sessions offer the education needed to make safe and informed decisions about cannabis use.  

Unless booking Vibroacoustic Therapy or Learn Self-Hypnosis, the first step is to book an initial consultation. During the consultation, your specific needs will be discussed, and at that time it can be discussed which services and/or package is most appropriate to achieve your desired result. Flexible payment options are available for packages.

Our Services




We do a thorough intake to determine your expectations and goals.

Action Plan

Depending on your desired outcome and personal preferences, we determine which services or program will help you achieve your goals. 

Book a Session

You book each session based on the Action Plan and your availability.

The Process

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"The education and knowledge Sherry brings to her hypnosis sessions along with her calming nature, is sure to create confidence in her clients to create the changes they desire."

Heather Rodriguez, CH, CI
Hypnotherapy Institute of Saskatchewan