November 7, 2019

#BestLife has become a cliche thrown around social media, whether attached to an adrenaline junkie hanging off the side of mountain, a peppy young woman in yoga pants sipping her fresh-pressed juice, or some celebrity indulging in wealth and excess beyond dreams. The p...

June 16, 2019

This is a very common question in the wellness industry, especially now that so much can be found online. With healthy recipes, nutrition advice, exercise routines, yoga poses, inexpensive equipment delivered to your door, meditation videos, hypnosis sessions, music st...

April 4, 2019

Pass the popcorn, but take what you are seeing with a grain of salt. Media is killing the art of hypnotherapy.

April 4, 2019

There are many claims made about the effectiveness of hypnosis in the treatment of illness, injury, and disease that can be very misleading.