Stress Reduction

At our core, we are all about stress reduction. Our services, our treatment methods, our office, our philosophy, everything is built around the guiding principle of stress reduction. Stress is often at the centre of many issues including pain, sleep disturbances, emotional turmoil, and mental deficiencies. By bringing elements such as breathing exercises, meditation, and other stress-reducing activities into our programs, we are able to address the underlying cause of unnecessary suffering.

There are many types of stress people deal with in life - situational stress, phobias, fear, chronic stress, daily hassles - and by learning to manage stress and reduce the stress response as well as developing healthy coping mechanisms will help people to stay ahead of their stress levels before they spiral out of control to the point many people hit where they experience illness, overwhelm, and burn-out.



Unlock the Power of Your Mind.

Hammock Relaxing

Guided Imagery

Change your Focus, Change Your Life


Vibroacoustic Therapy

Repair at a Cellular Level


Zen Zone

Find your Calm Through Play


Music Therapy

The Healing Power of Sound


Senses MindSpa

A Fun and Tasty Way to Meditate

We offer a variety of sensory-based stress-relief activities. If you book the relaxation room for a self-guided session, you can use the items at your leisure, and if you book one of our programs you will often be encouraged to use Sensory Stress Relief as part of that program...

*Listen to relaxing music.
*Soothe yourself with the Zen sand garden.
*Colour or do scratch art.
*Use any of the stress toys - fidget spinners, stress balls, gel ball, magnets, bubble wrap. 
*Build something with LEGO or make something Play-Doh.
*Use the VR goggles. (coming 2021)

*Bring the outdoors in with a nature experience. (coming 2021)


We have divided the Sensory Room into two functions:

1. The Zen Zone is simply a quiet space in which adults can tap into their childhood sense of
fun and distraction to make use of various toys and activities designed to stimulate creativity,
occupy the mind, and reduce stress levels. In addition, studies show engaging in stimulating and
creative activities helps keep the brain healthy and may reduce the risk of age-related brain decline
including conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer's.

2. Senses MindSpa is a way to pamper your mind by allowing it to relax and find clear focus in a way that is both fun and easy - by tapping into one's natural senses.

To learn more about each, click the link on their names above.

If you would like to use the Sensory Room on its own without a program purchased, the following are what we offer:​


*Guided Relaxation (Sensory Meditation/Intro to Meditation/Music Therapy)

30 minutes
Single Session - $49
Monthly (once per week for 4 weeks) - $147

60 minutes

Single Session - $99

Monthly (once per week for 4 weeks) - $297

​**Prices above do not include candy or chocolate for a tasting meditation. A choice of options is available for a nominal added fee. You can make your selections at your appointment (sweet treats, sweet & sour, chocolate indulgence). 

*Self-Guided Sensory Relaxation

30 minutes
Single Session - $29
Monthly (once per week for 4 weeks) - $99
Annual (once per month for 12 months) - $279

60 minutes

Single Session - $49

Monthly (once per week for 4 weeks) - $169

Annual (once per month for 12 months) - $469

**Monthly and annual packages are non-transferable and are good only for the time frame purchased (monthly passes expire on the last day of the month purchased for, annual passes expire one year from date of purchase). Valid only for the service purchased (may be used for a different service at the discretion of Healing Vibrations, but may be subject to additional fees depending on the alternative service requested). Monthly and annual packages are not available online; they must be purchased at the office.                    

**Please note, we only allow previous users of brainwave entrainment to book sessions with binaural beats, monaural beats, or isochronic tones. You need to demonstrate that you are able to use them safely and without side effects.

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