Zen Zone


Calm the Mind, Calm the Soul


Fidget Spinner in Action
Fidget Spinner in Action




The Zen Zone is exactly what it sounds like. It is a space that you can come to get your Zen on. It is a place free from the distractions of technology, kids, pets, bosses, spouses, or anything else that zaps your Zen. Stress causes so many mental, physical, and emotional problems, and sometimes what is needed is to just get away from everything for a while. So, schedule some "me" time and come and experience the Zen Zone while listening to some relaxing music and sipping on some nice soothing tea. While it might seem goofy at first, it has been proven that doing fun, mindless activities helps promote the relaxation response and take our minds off of pain or other discomfort we are feeling. In addition, studies show engaging in stimulating and creative activities helps keep the brain healthy and may reduce the risk of age-relate brain decline including conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer's.

Remember when you were a kid and you could spend hours playing, losing yourself in whatever activity you were doing, be it digging in the sandbox, building something magnificent with your LEGO, creating magical creatures with your Play-Doh, becoming a character in the book you were reading, or bringing images to life in your colouring books? As children, so much of our experience in the world is sensory-based - we put things in our mouth (who hasn't eaten dirt?), we touch everything, we smell (remember scratch 'n sniff stickers?!), we love noisy things, and we watch everything and everyone. We are constantly running, and climbing, exploring, and imagining. As adults, we lose some of our playfulness and curiosity and tend to use our senses more for just navigating through our day than for the pure enjoyment of it.  

We want to bring back the playfulness and help you tap into your childhood sense of fun and distraction. So, how do we do this? We have created a room of quiet "meditative" activities that allow you to engage and enhance the senses by focusing the mind on sensory objects and activities designed to stimulate creativity, occupy the mind, and reduce stress levels. It is a wonderful way to relax and unwind; it is a great distraction from the outside world; and it will allow you to experience a calm focus you likely do not get to feel very often. It is a sanctuary where you can experience the carefree joy of being a kid again, while at the same time improving your health and wellness. Yes, we even have bubble wrap! (And we promise not to make you eat dirt!) 

You can simply use the activities and tools at your leisure to relax and unwind at your own pace, a form of self-guided relaxation if you will. Alternatively, book a guided sensory meditation session and have a relaxation therapist help guide you on how to effectively use your senses to meditate. 

Complementary use of the Zen Zone sensory-based stress relief activities is included with all appointments (excluding 

Vibroacoustic Therapy and Learn Self-Hypnosis). We strongly encourage our clients to use the activities found in the Zen Zone to enhance their experience...

*Listen to relaxing music.

*Soothe yourself with the Zen sand garden.
*Colour or do scratch art.
*Use any of the stress toys - fidget spinners, stress balls, gel ball, magnets, bubble wrap. 
*Build something with LEGO or make something Play-Doh.
*Use the VR goggles. (coming 2021)

*Bring the outdoors in with a nature experience.