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Between demands on our time from our jobs, our friends, our families and other commitments, the constant stimulation from technology, and pressures to constantly be more, do more, and have more, most people are stressed and tired, and could really use both a mental and physical break. 

Prolonged stress not only affects our productivity, relationships, and mental health, but can also cause physical pain and illness if not addressed. Serious diseases, some terminal, have been shown to be directly linked to stress, so it is imperative to take measures to reduce stress whenever possible. 

Guided imagery is a tool used to calm the body and relax the mind. The practice merely involves envisioning a scene with great detail using all of the senses. While it sounds so simple and is certainly possible to do on one's own, having a guide can be beneficial, particularly for beginners.

Guided imagery can help move your attention away from your troubles, offering a distraction from the pain or stress. It can offer a wonderfully relaxing journey and a way to escape the everyday without having to go anywhere. Whether you enjoy the beach, the mountains, a forest, or even a quiet library, we can help you go there in your mind and help you to carry those pleasant feelings throughout your days, giving you tools to help generate that feeling anytime you need to feel a sense of serenity.

It has been shown that our mind and imagination are so powerful that our body responds in a similar way whether we are actually experiencing something or just imagining it. Think about it for a moment. If a person is terrified of flying, even the anticipation of an upcoming trip can cause the same physiological response as if the person was actually boarding the plane - heart palpitations, sweating, racing pulse, nausea, etc. There is a reason for the term "worried sick".

In the same way, using our imaginations to think about positive things can trigger the same feel-good responses we get when actually experiencing something that brings us relaxation and joy. Imagining a place we find peaceful and calming can cause both physical and emotional changes. Imagining ourselves succeeding at a task such as losing weight or achieving a work or performance-related goal can actually help us achieve what we are imagining as well. That is why before a big game great athletes will often meditate and visualize themselves hitting a home run, scoring the winning touchdown, or receiving a coveted trophy. Imagery and visualization primes our mind and body for success.

Benefits of guided imagery:

*Lower blood pressure

*Improve sleep quality

*Promote relaxation

*Reduce stress or nervousness
*Manage pain

*Promote healing

*Improve performance
*Determine the source of an issue

*Achieve goals


Guided imagery helps with relaxation and stress relief and has been reported to provide significant improvements in pain, anxiety, and insomnia. There is no suggested number of sessions for these purposes and Guided imagery can be used whenever needed. To help determine the root of an issue, to visualize academic or business success, or to enhance athletic performance, more than one session may be required.

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