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Unfortunately, no amount of trying to pressure your child into accepting that monsters, witches, goblins, ghosts, the boogeyman or other ghoulies are not real will convince them of that fact. There is no reasoning with a fearful young child, so telling them they are a big kid and to stop being afraid or just telling them over and over that monsters are not real will get you nowhere. In a child's mind, the imaginary things they see are very real, and because they do not yet have the ability to understand and articulate their fears, those fears will often manifest in the the form of something they can put a name and face to - the things that go bump in the night. If you want to get some peace for both your child and yourself, it might be time to go on the offensive and launch an attack against those bedtime baddies. Just be sure you do not reinforce how terrible the monsters are, saying things like, "that monster is super scary", or "I don't blame you for being afraid of that ghost. It scares me too!". You want to acknowledge their fear without feeding it. Simply tell them that you want to help them get rid of the thing that is making them scared.  

Some parents worry that by playing into the fantasy and encouraging the child to believe something is real that is not that it will be harmful to the child. However, because young children do not understand the difference between real and make-believe, your getting upset with them or down-playing their fear only makes things worse because not only are they struggling with something they are afraid of, but Mommy or Daddy (or whatever your caregiver role is), who is supposed to love and protect them, is not helping them so they feel alone with their fear. As the child grows up and their cognitive processes develop, they will eventually learn to differentiate between real and imaginary, just as they do with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. Funny thing is, parents often have no problem perpetuating the fallacy that a fat man in a red suit comes down the chimney to deliver presents, yet they get mad or frustrated when their child does not understand that the monster under the bed is not real. That playful imagination that keeps the spirit of Christmas alive in children is the same imagination that keeps the fear of monsters and other bad things alive.  

Also, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a child having a vivid imagination. It is out of their minds that eventually come art, games, TV shows, movies, and ideas like Disneyland! By teaching a child that imagination is wrong, one is depriving them of not only joy for themselves but also joy they may one day bring to others. Therefore, it is important to encourage positive use of imagination and manage unhealthy use of imagination. That is where Magic Spray comes in. Magic Spray can help you help your little one when their imagination is not benefiting them.

Magic Spray comes in 6 varieties:

Go Away Ghosts!
Move Out Monsters!

Ghoulies-B-Gone! (also works on trolls, goblins, robots, aliens, boogeymen and witches!)
Sweet Dreams (to help get rid of nightmares)
Snug as a Bug (Thunder Shield to help with fear of storms)
All Better Now (general purpose for those fearful times such a getting needles, owies, when they are sad, scared of being alone or have a fear such as flying).

All Magic Spray versions are made using safe, natural ingredients including witch hazel and high quality essential oils. There are no added dyes or perfumes and we do not use any additives such as shimmer powder that can stain fabrics. The "magic" ingredient we add to the bottles to make them fun for the kids is non-toxic plastic alternatives (crystal, glass, stones, or gems) so there is less of an environmental impact than using sparkles or sequins that will not degrade. 

I have seen several different "Monster Sprays", but one thing many of them are lacking is the explanation of how to use them and why they work. The extent is usually an instruction to spray around the room to keep monsters at bay with the reason they work being that the essential oils are calming and soothing blends that help your child relax. All of that is absolutely true, but remember, they key here is IMAGINATION, and the more creative and involved you get with it, the more of a chance you will have of success. Your child needs to buy into the fact that this spray is 100% going to take care of their monster problem!

The first step, if you have not already done so, is spending some time with your child discussing their fear. Have them describe what they are afraid of and what about it scares them - how it sounds, how it looks, etc.

Have them walk around their room and show you where they see/hear the scary thing. It is a good idea to try to look at things from their perspective, such as on your knees or laying on their bed to see if you can figure out what they are seeing/hearing. Perhaps there is a tree branch rubbing on the window making a scary sound, or maybe a mobile/light fixture/toy/decor item/piece of furniture is casting a distorted shadow.

Next, decide how you want to use the Magic Spray. Will it work better as a preventative measure, such as spritzing it around the room at bedtime? Maybe they would like it better if it was just there so they can use it to spray any scary things once they appear to make them go away? Maybe a combination of both?

Involve the child in preparing the Magic Spray. Let them decorate the bottle, put their name on it if they want, and if age appropriate, let them add in the "magic ingredients" themselves, all the while reinforcing to them the special powers this spray has. Tell them that monsters (or whatever their fear is) do not like the smell, so it will frighten them away. It is monster-repellent. 

If you are taking the preventative approach, involve the child if they are old enough to spray it themselves, as it helps to empower them. Tell them that they have the power to make the monsters disappear! For added effect you can have them say, in a serious and commanding tone, a phrase or magic word. They could say, "Keep away ghosts!", "Kablammo!", "Be gone!", "Go away monster and don't come back!", or whatever word(s) they think will make the baddies go away or not show up in the first place. You can reinforce what they said by saying something like, "Okay monsters! You heard {child's name}. S/he doesn't want you here so stay away/get out! If you don't, you will have to deal with me!" That will give the child the sense that you are backing them up.

Note: All you/they need is a light mist, and avoid spraying it anywhere that should not get wet. It is best sprayed on carpets, clothing, blankets, curtains, and even on their stuffed-buddies to help keep the monsters away from them too (make sure to do a test on any fabric if you are not sure if it can get damp). Let them tell you where they feel you should spray - in the closet, under the bed, on the bed, on the chair, etc. The spray does have a light, lingering smell, but consider using an aromatherapy stuffed animal, sachet, diffuser, or other delivery device if you want a more potent smell without having to over-spray.

Magic Spray can be customized around your children's needs. For example, if the thing that is scaring them is a tiger that shows up each night, we can make it into "Tiger Spray" for you. Same goes for clowns or anything else that is bothering them!

Our supplies are still on order and will hopefully be arriving shortly, but if you are interested in more information or would like to be put on the email list for pricing once everything is here, please email us at

Only available in Regina.