Room Rentals

Covid Update:

Due to Covid-19, we have temporarily suspended hourly rentals. We want to ensure the space is safe for everyone, so to limit traffic from too many people coming and going, we have stopped hourly rentals and added half-day pricing. Email for more details.

Starting a new practice can be stressful even at the best of times. Creating forms, building a website, networking, advertising, marketing...You don't need the added burden of worrying about how you are going to afford to pay to reno and decorate a space, or how you are going to pay the rent if you don't have any clients yet.

At Healing Vibrations Wellness Centre, we designed our space with you in mind. We made sure to choose a location with more rooms than we need so we can share our space with other practitioners like you.

Rates start at $25 per hour, with discounts for daily, weekly, or monthly rentals, or for anyone looking to book off regular blocks of times each month. Bookings are on a first-come, first-served basis using a shared online booking calendar, unless previous arrangements have been made to have specific days/times pre-reserved. The building is accessible between 7am-10pm.

The space is ideal for:

*Hypnotherapists/Consulting Hypnotists

While all hypnotherapists are welcome, we are hoping to fill some specific niche areas including PTSD (in veterans, physical and/or sexual abuse victims, or other traumatic events), ED and other sexual health issues, and addictions. We see sharing space with other hypnotherapists/hypnotists to be a collaboration rather than competition, and the vision is to eventually create a "Hypno-Alliance" much like a traditional doctors or dentists office, where clients come to one shared office and are able to choose their practitioner based on their own needs and preferences, as well as the practitioners' areas of specialty.   

Other suitable CAM practices:

*Talk therapists such as psychotherapy or counselling



*Energy Healing

*Access Bars


*As the only sinks are in the shared washroom down the hall, the space would not be suited to massage therapy, acupuncture, or other treatments required by the health board to have an in-room sink.

*Adult and youth clients only please (14 years and older).

*The office is on the second floor and unfortunately there is no elevator, so your clients must be able to climb a flight and a half of stairs.

Benefits of a Shared Space:

*More professional image than a home office (plus you don't have to have strangers coming to your home).

*For hypnotherapists/hypnotists, a monthly meet-up where we can bond over our love of hypnosis, get advice from our peers with questions or concerns we have, share hypnosis or business tips, and help our businesses grow together. 

*Support and encouragement from like-minded professionals, willing to cross-promote modalities and offer referrals when it will benefit a client. 

*No up-front costs associated with getting set-up (the space is beautifully finished and all rooms are fully furnished; there is also a waiting-area music player to add to the ambiance and create a warm atmosphere when your clients walk in).

*Lower operating expenses (rent includes utilities, water cooler and cups).

*No commitment of number of time slots that must be booked (but the more time that is booked each month, the better the rates).

*Any practitioners who do choose to commit to regular bookings (8 hours or more per month) can benefit from additional perks:

- name, business, and contact information added to our practitioner directory.

- access to a variety of form templates to use (waivers, intake forms, etc.).

- shared online booking software.

- ability to pre-block times before the calendar is posted.

- promotion on HVWC's Facebook page.  


For an additional cost, those renting the space on a regular basis can also have their name included in collective marketing materials such as brochures, mail-outs, etc. and can take advantage of discounts for supplies such as journals for your clients, essential oils, pens, notebooks, or other supplies often used in wellness practices. Depending on the needs and wants of regular renters, we can also look into a generic, shared website for those who do not have the desire or capabilities of creating and managing their own site.