Exclusive Services

While the service list is small, the approach is varied! My goal is to help you based on your individual needs. While the Basic and Enhanced Cannabis coaching sessions are pretty standard, the wellness coaching is as unique as you are. 

Basic Cannabis Coaching - 60 minutes ($99)

If you are interested in using cannabis and just want information on where to even begin, the basic coaching may be all you need. I will cover such topics as the difference between hemp and marijuana, why Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid is not good enough when it comes to therapeutic cannabis, understanding THC and CBD, and the different ways you can use cannabis.


Enhanced Cannabis Coaching - 120 minutes ($189)

If you are looking for more help than just the basics, Enhanced Cannabis Coaching would be a better option. We will cover everything in the basic session, but will go into much more detail. Instead of just covering CBD and THC, we will get into the minor cannabinoids that are as important, if not even more important. We will also delve into terpenes and flavonoids, the other important chemicals in the plant that determine the effects of a particular cultivar.  I will show you ways to make your own DIY products as well as what to look for when choosing a dispensary. The goal with enhanced coaching is make sure you have a good enough understanding of cannabis that you can make decisions on what to buy and how to use it, as well as effectively experiment to get the right cannabis cocktail working for you.


Holistic Wellness Coaching - 60 min ($99)

This holistic wellness program is for anyone wanting to take their health and well-being to the next level, with or without the addition of cannabis. Areas of specialty include reducing stress, relieving pain, managing symptoms of illness and disease, and improving sleep quality. 

Wellness coaching begins with an initial 2-hour consultation for $149. During the consultation, your habits and lifestyle are evaluated and discussed to determine the best course of action and an appropriate number of sessions. Sessions are then $99 per hour and will include a variety of education, exercises (the kind in a book, not running on a treadmill!), guidance, and treatments depending on your needs.


Online Programs ($99)

If you prefer to learn on your own at your own pace rather than have one-on-one coaching sessions, I offer the following online programs:

Better Sleep for Better Health
Cannabis 101 (Enhanced)
Learn Self-Hypnosis

Online programs come with 30 days of support. While I do not offer "coaching" via the email support (i.e. I will not address specific health conditions or offer guidance on actions for you to take), I am available for technical problems or to answer questions if you do not understand something in the material.


Let's Work Together

I am happy to be a part of your health journey!

The Path to Wellness Begins When You Commit to Change