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November 7, 2019

#BestLife has become a cliche thrown around social media, whether attached to an adrenaline junkie hanging off the side of mountain, a peppy young woman in yoga pants sipping her fresh-pressed juice, or some celebrity indulging in wealth and excess beyond dreams. The problem is, social media creates a false sense of what life should, or could, look like, and the disparity between what we see online versus in the mirror can seriously muck with our minds. People can develop negative and possibly harmful feelings like resentment, depression, or a deflated sense of self-worth because of lack and not being able to have/do what is seen in others. They may also dismiss a perfectly valid concept because it is always presented in a way that is so far from reality that it just gets chalked up as being some stupid fad or something for yuppies, hipsters, and desperate housewives. "Best Life" is one such concept.


The thing is, "Best Life" doesn't mean the best life based on what you see other people doing on Facebook or Instagram. It is living the best life possible for YOU. A best life is simply living a life that is filled with joy, gratitude, and health of a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual nature.


* It is being able to wake up in the morning feeling good about what the day is going to bring, and laying your head on your pillow at night feeling gratitude for the day you had.


* It is being able to spend time with friends and family, even if it is just playing in the yard or watching a movie on the couch, because you are not curled up in bed defeated by your depression.


* It is being able to get on that plane so you can finally take the vacation you always dreamed about because you are not crippled by your anxiety.


* It is sitting out on a fishing boat with your buddies enjoying life because you overcame your grief and are once again able to experience joy.

* It is being able to do the activities you love and actually enjoy them because you are not in agony or out-of-it thanks to all the pain meds you have been taking. 


* It is looking in the mirror and liking what you see.


* It is being able to leave the dirty dishes in the sink after dinner so you can get to your son's ballgame or daughter's recital, and not having your night ruined by being consumed by the stress of, "OMG my house is such a mess, I'm not a perfect homemaker!"

* It is getting through the work day without falling asleep at your desk because you finally conquered your insomnia.

It doesn't take a bunch of money to live your best life. It doesn't require having an abundance of leisure time. It is about quality of life, not quantity of time and money. It is making the most of what you have, living a life that is true to who you want to be, appreciating the little things in life, having friends and family, and being stress-free and pain-free. That's all there is to it. So go ahead, live your Best Life, and if you need help to do that, don't be afraid to ask for it.  

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