Wellness Coaching

Wellness is not a singular endeavour. Our minds and bodies are intricately linked so to reach an optimal state of wellness requires addressing all related areas. Think of a car with its many working parts. There are major necessities like an engine, gas tank, and tires that are necessary for the car to even drive, and there are lesser parts like windshield wipers and turn signals that do not stop the car from running but are necessary from a functional standpoint such as when wanting to drive in the rain or to legally drive on city streets. Then there are add-ons that do not affect functionality but do enhance the experience or comfort level, such as seat controls, a radio, or heat/air conditioning. Your health and wellness are the same. There are things you need for your mind and body to survive, others for them to function properly, and others that simply make life more comfortable and enjoyable, but all require regular maintenance. You can put shiny tires on a junker, but you likely are not going to get far before something else breaks down and it is probably still going to be a rough ride. Likewise, many people do themselves a disservice by focusing on one area while neglecting others. They take cannabis to reduce their anxiety without doing anything to address the situations that are causing the anxiety, they take pills to mask symptoms without dealing with the underlying issues, or they fail to recognize that sleep, pain, and stress are all linked and why deficiencies in one can make the others worse. Like a mechanic for your mind and body, I can help.

Using cannabis without also addressing underlying issues and ensuring a foundation of good habits, healthy lifestyle, and positive behaviours is almost guaranteed to result in a lack of desired results, so my job is to be a supportive guide, helping you to identify and make changes to areas of your life you may be neglecting which are ultimately having a negative impact on your health and wellbeing. Using cannabis without approaching your health and wellness as a whole is tantamount to taking cholesterol pills to prevent a heart attack while continuing to eat bacon, cheeseburgers, fries, and loads of other high-fat, greasy, artery-clogging foods, while also smoking and working 80 hours a week at a stressful job. There is only so much those little cholesterol pills can do!

My Goals

My Tools

Meditation and physical relaxation to calm and ease the mind and release physical tension (both guided and self-directed):

~Meditation (Sensory, Beginners, Hypno)
~Guided Imagery

~Forest Therapy
~Music Therapy

~Breathing Exercises
~Relaxation Techniques

Assessments to identify areas of concern, establish a baseline, and track progress:

~Pillars of Wellness

Hypnosis for changing unwanted thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours:
~Hypnosis for Pain


Lifestyle/Holistic Coaching
~Customized coaching based on assessment results
~Alternative Health Referrals
~Cannabis Coaching


*Better Sleep for Better Health

*Learn Self-Hypnosis

*Cannabis 101 (Enhanced)