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In a nutshell, we are pain management specialists that practice a variety of mind-body interventions and energy therapies. Most people tend to associate the word "pain" with an unpleasant physical sensation due to conditions like headaches, stomach aches, sprains or burns. However, equally detrimental to a person's health and well-being is pain of an emotional or spiritual nature. Emotional pain may be caused by the loss of a loved one or feeling consumed by anxiety or depression. Spiritual pain may be a feeling of being lost or disconnected from one's higher power or struggling to find meaning and hope in life. The despair, fear, frustration, and exhaustion can have a profound impact on quality of life whether the source is physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. There can also be stress-related physical symptoms like digestive issues, fatigue, weight changes, insomnia, or hair loss which can affect mood, work, finances, self-esteem, enjoyment of activities, and energy levels. For simplicity sake, we therefore consider any symptoms that are disrupting your life and causing suffering or discomfort to be "pain" and focus on eliminating, managing or improving that pain. 

At our core, we are all about stress reduction. Our services, our treatment methods, our office, our philosophy, everything is built around the guiding principles of stress reduction. Stress is often at the centre of many issues including pain, sleep disturbances, emotional turmoil, and cognitive dysfunction. By bringing elements such as breathing exercises, meditation, and other stress-reducing activities into our programs, we are able to address the underlying cause of unnecessary suffering. We also offer stand-alone stress reduction services to help those people who just need to relax or escape from the everyday.

There are many types of stress people deal with in life - situational stress, phobias, fear, chronic stress, daily hassles - and by learning to manage stress and reduce the stress response, as well as developing healthy coping mechanisms, will help people to stay ahead of their stress levels before they spiral out of control to the point many people hit where they experience illness, overwhelm, and burn-out.

We work from a holistic approach, which means we look at all aspects of a person when developing a treatment plan, combining therapies when it would be beneficial to do so. 

What We Help



Muscle and Joint Pain (ex. arthritis, lower back pain, neck pain)

Post-Surgical Pain

Other Chronic and Acute Pain Conditions

Injury Recovery

Please note that unfortunately there is no elevator in our building, so those with conditions that restrict mobility, such as advanced Parkinson's, MS or severe fibromyalgia may find it difficult to visit our office. We do, however, offer online self-hypnosis training as well as a distance coaching sleep improvement program.


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